The rescued owl brings everyone to tears when he sees his savior!

Most people deny the possibility that our smaller brothers are capable of experiencing feelings such as gratitude, affection, and compassion. But we don’t know everything about animals, especially wild ones. This touching story happened at the wild animal rescue center «Mississippi’s Wild at Heart Rescue», located in Mississippi. Once a large horned owl was delivered to the institution in a terrible state. The bird suffered extensive head trauma and was near death. Veterinarians came to the conclusion that the owl was hit by a car. But the doctors found other problems. So, they found parasites in the bird and identified a disease such as aspergillosis (an analogue of pneumonia in humans).

The poor thing was really on the verge of death. Veterinarians admit that they have never seen an animal in such a deplorable situation. The founder of the rescue center, Missy Dubuisson, said she simply did not understand how the owl could have survived being in such a state. The veterinarians had to work hard to save the poor thing. But the timely medical care and constant care of the center’s staff, especially Douglas Pozheki, who is known as the «charmer of birds of prey», created a real miracle! The owl, which was named Ji Ji, was able to survive! As Missy says, it would have been impossible to get out of the animal if not for the participation of Pozheka. This person is really attached to birds, knows their habits well, knows how to find a common language with them.

A man has been saving birds for many years, considering it his life’s work and a real vocation. Missy says she has never met a person who was so strongly attached to birds. Pozheki really loves his feathered wards, who often reciprocate him. One of these moments touched all the employees of the center. One day Douglas had to leave the animal care center for a while to visit his family. In fact, a man sees relatives much less often than rescued birds. Douglas stayed in Michigan for about a week, after which it was time to return to the birds.

When Ji Ji saw her savior again after a long absence, her reaction was so touching and unusual that the staff of the center present at the same time simply could not hold back tears! But these people had to see a lot in the course of their work! But it’s rare to see such affection for a person as G.G. has for Douglas. The owl missed Pozheki very much. When Ji Ji saw him after a long absence, her joy knew no bounds! The owl began to make strange movements, very similar to a dance, and then closed her eyes, spread her wings and put her head on her savior’s neck. The bird hugged Douglas! There was so much human, warm and real feeling in this gesture! The owl was really bored and was grateful to Pozheki, moreover, she tried to convey this by her actions.

Everyone who watched this scene was amazed. Douglas himself says that he experienced an incredible sensation when a wild bird snuggled up to his neck. According to the man, this is a sign of incredible trust, which cannot but touch. Pozheki says that he has been saving birds for many years, but no bird has ever expressed his gratitude to him in this way. Douglas has a special bond with Gee Gee, perhaps for the reason that the man spent a lot of time with her. Animals know how to be grateful, they are grateful to the people who save them. The only thing is that our younger brothers can’t always express their feelings, and maybe we can’t understand them. I have all my friends!

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