The homeless man gave his last money to help a stranger and life rewarded him!

On TV and other media, we are most often told stories that make us lose faith in humanity. But do not forget that we live in a world where there is still a place for good deeds and real miracles. The hero of this story is 61-year-old Randy Head from Louisiana. The man had to live in a tent in a forest area located behind a fast food restaurant. Randy makes homemade crocheted crosses, which he sells to passersby. This is how he has been earning a living for 25 years. We don’t know what led Randy to such an existence, so we don’t need to blame him for it.

Everything happens in life, not only a notorious drunkard or a scoundrel can become a person without a certain place of residence. Quite decent, educated and capable of good deeds people may well turn into homeless people. Once again, our story will help to verify the truthfulness of this statement. Needless to say, Randy’s life wasn’t a fairy tale. Every dollar was valuable to him, because a man needed to eat something, buy clothes and shoes. All the more amazing this story seems! One day a man saw a car stop near the restaurant. The driver was a woman who told Randy that she had a flat tire. It was very early, no one could help the lady, because there were simply no people around.

Randy, without thinking twice, helped the woman remove the wheel. When they got the spare tire, it had to be pumped up, and the lady, as it turned out, did not have a cent and then the man did not spare his money. It’s incredible, but he really took out the last 5 dollars from his pocket to use the device that pumps air to the wheels! Let me remind you that Randy is a man who lives one day and when he will have the next five dollars, he just did not know. A local resident, Scott Landry, was watching what was happening, who was amazed by what he saw. A white homeless man helps a black woman in a difficult situation, not regretting to give the last money for a good deed. This $5 is much more valuable for him than for each of us. Perhaps he needed this amount to eat all day — the guy reflected.

The homeless man’s act convinced Scott that all is not lost in our world. The man decided that as many people as possible should know about this story! Landry published a post on a social network in which he told about how a homeless man pumped up the wheel of an unknown woman at his own expense and changed it. The publication quickly gained thousands of views and likes, becoming viral. A homeless man helped a strange woman for free, he did not hope for gratitude and recognition. But kindness is coming back! Scott decided to organize a fundraiser for the homeless. After the man witnessed the touching picture, he approached the homeless man to talk to him. Randy said that’s how his father raised him.

Scott also found out where the elderly man lives, so that later he could find him. People wanted to help a homeless man with a big heart. They responded to a post about raising money for Randy,. The locals were especially active. As a result, thanks to the Internet, we managed to collect almost $ 2,000! People also sent clothes and food for the homeless. He was also paid for a few days of accommodation in a good hotel so that he could clean himself up. When Scott came to Randy’s tent to give him money and gifts, the elderly man burst into tears.

He could not hold back tears of gratitude to strangers who decided to help him. Scott continued to support Randy and began to look for a permanent home for the man. In any situation, it is important to remain human. It is impossible to look only at the status, clothes, appearance and other external signs, because they do not reflect the essence of who we see in front of us. That’s it, rate Randy’s kind act with a like, share this story. See you soon!

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