A girl received a gift from her stepmother — looked into the bag again and couldn’t hold back the tears

Choosing a gift for a loved one can be quite difficult sometimes, but there is nothing better than a personal gift that has a lot of thought behind it.

Not only will it symbolize the love you have for that person, it also shows that you thought a lot about what you will give them.

And that’s probably what Bridget was thinking when she gave the birthday present to her stepdaughter Haley — but we don’t think even she expected the response she received back.

We think Haley will never forget her birthday party held that year with all her friends and family.

But the party took an unexpected turn when Haley’s stepmother, Bridget, approached her with a bag for her birthday.

Haley opened the bag and saw a doll inside.

She was happy and thought it was sweet, but she didn’t know that Bridget had put something else inside the bag.

Haley kept digging in the bag and saw that there was something else inside.

It was a note — with some message in it..

Have you ever bought a gift for someone and feared that he will not like it? Well, that’s probably what Bridget felt when her stepdaughter started reading the note.

The note read that Bridget’s application for Haley’s adoption had been approved and that she was now officially her mother. And the girl’s reaction? Went straight into my heart!

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