Powerful moment veteran on deathbed says goodbye to his beloved horse one last time

Roberto and his horses weren’t just friends. They were family.

We know that friends make this world a better place.

During our lifetime we meet people who we recognize as our family, despite not being related by blood. However, the category “friends” in our list of loved ones may not always mean humans.

One veteran on the verge of death had a dying wish that showed how much he loved horses.
It was in 1970 when Roberto Gonzalez of Premont, Texas was first drafted to serve the country by being assigned to Vietnam. Within four months of service in said country, the military man was shot and sent back home.

His injury was critical and became the reason why he got paralyzed.

“That did not stop Mr. Gonzalez from his passions, ranching and horses,” Lupe Hernandez of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System told ABC News. “He was the only paralyzed race horse trainer in Texas. He trained and raced horses for 30 to 40 years.”

Roberto knew that his end was near, and before this happened, the man only wanted one thing.

His love for horses was one of the things that defined him. And for the last time, before he breathed in his last, the veteran wanted to lay his eyes on his beloved horses.

While Roberto was in his bed in the care center, the man was given the chance to meet his horses named Sugar and Ringo. His family brought the horses to the center for him to see for one last time.

The reunion was captured to show the incredible love between a horse and his master. It was one inspiring connection.

Rosario Gonzalez was a witness to her husband’s genuine love for horses.

“My husband was one of the only handicapped or paralyzed licensed horse trainers in Texas,” said Rosario.

She shared further on these experiences.

“While he was in the hospital he ended up with a wound in his back and initially that was why we were here to treat his wound but he also had liver problems and then his kidneys started to shut down,” Rosario shared.

The moment when Roberto met his horses for the last time was heart-wrenching.
“When the horse came up to him he actually opened his eyes. They came up to him and I think they were actually kissing him,” said Rosario.

Even though the horses were not capable of speaking for themselves, their eyes and the emotions seen in them as they said goodbye to their master said it all. This only proved that even animals are capable of feeling emotions and affection for their human friends.

Roberto was not only a friend to them. He was family.

Roberto’s dying wish came true.

It was a sad and heartbreaking moment, but it was what Roberto wanted. It was fortunate that people around him understood his wishes and made it possible for him to finally say goodbye to his beloved horse friends.

Click the video below to learn more about this story.

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