5-Year-Old Princess Calls 911 and Saves Daddy’s Life. Watch What Happens Next! Priceless!

When her daddy wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t call for help, this five-year-old girl stepped up to the situation and called for help. Not only did she call 911, but she also managed to diagnose the problem and convey the situation clearly to the operator who immediately dispatched emergency services and an ambulance to their house.

Savannah came to the rescue when her daddy was in trouble. From the symptoms that she explained over the phone, it seemed that her father was suffering from a heart attack. Her quick thinking and fast response probably saved her dad’s life. Apart from handling the situation better than most adults, her conversation was probably the cutest the operator had in ages.

Watch the video to see how she handles the 911 call. It seems that she may have been the only other person in the house to take the responsibility of calling for help and I was really amazed at the conversation.

The ambulance reached within minutes of the call and her father was taken care of. I loved every moment of this conversation…

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