The dog was taken away from a bad owner, and it kept looking at the wall all the time

The story of a dog named Angel proves that friendship can change a life. The animal fell into the hands of the volunteers from the house of a cruel owner who did not care about his pet and was cruel to it.

Angel had problems with socialization and trust. The shelter workers went for an experiment and shifted the responsibility for rehabilitation … to another dog!

To do this, they again turned to a careless breeder and bought a puppy of about the same age as him. The meeting with Angel was so joyful that the shelter workers began to assume that Angel and its new friend were siblings.

Angel began to change. First, the health problems disappeared, the hair that was falling off from stress began to grow again. Secondly, the dog stopped looking at the wall and avoiding contact with any of the people.

The changes allowed the animal to find a new home. Now Angel, like his sister, lives in a loving family.

The owners know the touching story of their friend, so they decided that Angel should sometimes meet with its sister. And judging by their happy photos, the decision was correct.

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