The grief-stricken mother came to her son’s grave. She was sent a «sign» from above.

Sometimes those who lose loved ones really want to look behind the veil of the familiar to understand what is happening to loved ones who are no longer in this world. And if a person is waiting for a miracle, then often it still happens. It is impossible to say whether we ourselves attract some events, or they happen by themselves. After all, if a person is inclined to wait for news from the other world, to see signs from above, then he will certainly find them. The world is diverse and mysterious, especially for those who perceive it that way. It must also be said that people who are in grief are very impressionable and susceptible to various mystical phenomena.

After the loss of a loved one, their psyche is very shaken, which is also worth considering when analyzing such unusual cases as this. The mystical story took place in April 2017 in England. Mary Robinson has lost her much-loved son Jack. At the time of death, the child was only 4 years old. The boy died from a brain tumor more than 3 years ago. For the whole family, the event was a terrible ordeal. Of course, quite a long time has passed since the tragic incident. But for a mother, the death of her son is an unhealed wound that she has to live with all her life. The woman once again came to the grave to talk to her child. She did it all the time, only this time it was completely different than usual.

While getting out of the car, Mary said, «My boy, Jack, give me a sign.» The woman really missed her son, she could not accept the tragic fact of his death in any way. Mary sat down on the ground next to the tombstone and gave vent to her feelings. The woman began to cry, remembering her child. It was at this moment that something very strange and amazing happened! A tiny bird flew up to the grief-stricken mother. What was Mary’s amazement when the miniature robin, after several circles around the woman, eventually sat right on her leg! Needless to say, wild birds are very shy, they try once again not to catch people’s eyes. And even more so do not sit on them! At the same time, the bird was not scared at all, she stared at the woman intently, and then moved to her shoulder.

The robin pecked Mary lightly several times, as if giving her some kind of message! This story is also amazing because the name of the bird has a similar sound to the woman’s surname — Robinson (in English, robin). Interestingly, the family has always had a special attitude to these birds. Jack was always looking for birdies, laughing when he saw them. That is why a beautiful little bird will forever have a strong association for a woman with her deceased son. Mary shared on social networks a captured photo with a robin that flew to her cemetery. The woman is sure that her dead boy sent her a sign. Mary cried after the robin landed on her. Only now her tears were not so bitter. She felt a connection with her lost child.

Perhaps her dead son sent his mother the reassurance and consolation she needed so much. Is it possible to call what happened just a coincidence? Or did the deceased son really send greetings to the grieving mother? We will not know the answer to these questions, everyone has the right to decide for himself which of the options is closer to him. But there is no denying that we do not know everything about this world. Often, events happen to us that go beyond the usual and understandable. Perhaps we should not deny this side of our reality, otherwise we will turn into avid materialists who are alien to any miracles. That’s all friends! Share this story on social media. networks. Write comments and put likes. See you soon!

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