The millionaire sold all his possessions and distributed them to the poor when he learned the terrible truth…

How do we live our own lives, how do we use the resources given to us? Sooner or later everyone comes to this question. You can exist only for yourself and not think about others, but is it right? These are the questions Ali Banat, a young man from a very rich family who loves a luxurious life, began to ask himself. Ali was born on February 16, 1982 in a wealthy family. All his life, he didn’t know what «too expensive» or «unavailable» was. Growing up, the young man became a successful businessman who earned millions. He bought everything he wanted: expensive things, brands, houses, luxury cars. He seemed to be swimming in money, as if in the sea. But everything ends one day and changes.

In the fall of 2015, Ali Banat underwent a medical examination, according to the results of which doctors diagnosed the young man with a terrible diagnosis – cancer. The disease had already reached the fourth stage, so there was no question of any treatment, much less subsequent recovery. Doctors said that he would be able to live no more than 7 months, but he coped with fate and lasted almost 3 years of a happy life. The millionaire spent the remaining years helping those in need, gave away all his possessions, completely changed his attitude to life and inspired thousands of people. When Ali found out about the terrible diagnosis, he very quickly came to the realization that the most important thing in life. He once said, «Money is the last thing you think about when you discover that you are sick or that you have very little time left.»

He sold all his business, property, cars and founded the charitable foundation «Muslims around the World» (or you can call it that: Muslims Around The World), where he transferred all his money. He promised himself that he would spend all his remaining days helping people and began his charity journey, the most grandiose in his life. Ali visited about 100 countries for humanitarian purposes, opened more than a dozen centers to help the poor, with his participation new schools and hospitals were built in Africa, he financed the drilling of wells in regions where there was a shortage of drinking water. He tried to help everyone who was in need. Children, adults, old people, it doesn’t matter – the Australian tried to help everyone out of a difficult situation. Alina Banat is a real example for everyone and it’s not just about the rich.

After all, help is not always money, wealth and investments. Often we do not notice people’s problems, thinking only about ourselves. Also, Ali not only spent, but also inspired. Thousands of people on his example began to engage in charity and follow the social agenda in the world. Following his example, many people began to transfer finances to the fund or changed their worldview. For example, one user wrote on Twitter: «Cancer broke me and many other people, but he, on the contrary, made Ali Banat and turned him into a source of inspiration for everyone else.» By the way, about the attitude of Ali himself to cancer. At some point, he stopped worrying about this, mistaking the terrible disease for a gift from God. He was pleased with the changes that had taken place in him. He became open, understanding, loving.

«Sometimes it seems to me that my cancer is a real gift from God. I’ve really changed a lot and I’m proud of it.» On May 29, 2018, Ali Banat died. More than a thousand people attended his funeral. Many of those who came did not even know him personally – they only heard about his help and good deeds. Before his death, the guy was lying in the hospital and was waiting for the last minutes. But even at that time, he did not lose heart, shooting videos and posting entries for social networks. He did not publish one video on purpose during his lifetime. According to his idea, it was obliged to come out only after his death. On the record, Ali says extremely important things that can serve as a lesson for each of us. The guy talks about the importance of thinking not only about the material future, but also about the spiritual, constantly asking the question: «What will they remember about me?»

«I believe that I have lived a happy life and the tumor will not be able to convince me! During these few years, I realized how blind I was. It is very important to think about your own future – spiritually. What will I leave behind? Was I useful during my lifetime? It seems to me that this is the way to live – to give good to others.» Banat said in his latest video. Fortunately, Ali managed to leave behind a lot of positive things. Schools built in Africa are named after him; hospitals built by him provide quality medical care to patients on a daily basis; his foundation functions and helps people all over the world.

Probably, this is what he wished for before his death and it’s good that his wishes came true. The story of the Australian millionaire Ali Banat is sad, but with a positive message. It doesn’t matter who you are, what family you come from, how much money you have. The main thing is to help others and understand that none of us is eternal, but the memory of us lives for centuries. That’s all my friends, support the video with a like and share it on social networks. See you soon!

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