Comic duet by Patti Page & Liberace on The Ed Sullivan Show

Born as Clara Ann Fowler, Patti Page joined the Jimmy Joy Band in 1946. Soon her career skyrocketed, spanning the next 5 decades. Page had performed on various shows with several celebrities like Julius La Rosa, Frankie Laine, and Liberace.

Recently one of her performances with the American pianist, singer, and actor Liberace, grabbed a lot of attention because of their magnificent yet comic performance of the song “Hey Liberace” on The Ed Sullivan Show.”

The skit, accompanied by the fun song, began with the entrance of Page holding a rifle in her hand. She carried the gun and walked a few steps in a funny gait and had to enact shooting bullets at her co-actors.

She then walked towards Liberace, resting on the hammock, dressed in hillbilly clothes. Then, the singing sensation Page started singing in her beautiful voice and asked, “Hey Liberace, where’d you get that style & winning smile.”

Liberace teased her and said, “Hey, pretty Patti, you are selling more than just your share,” which referred to the song records she had sold throughout the world. Then the handsome singer and actor asked her how the doggie in the window knew just when to bark. It referred to her song, “How Much Is That Doggie in The Window?”

Liberace then showed off his excellent tap-dancing skills and impressed his co-star, Page. A few moments later, both the singers started to dance together and their supporting dancers on stage. Page then complimented Liberace on his piano skills and teased him about his female fans.

Later in the song, the two talented stars decided to switch roles. Page told Liberace that she would play the piano while he could sing the Tennessee Waltz. Soon Page confessed that she couldn’t play the piano and neither Liberace could sing the Waltz, but if they ever performed on stage, it would be only on the Ed Sullivan Show. However, even after their performance, the duo danced and sang even after Sullivan returned on stage and made him smile in their own funny way.

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