Elvis Presley cover has X Factor contestants dancing along

X-Factor shows around the world look for the most amazing talent to promote. In this clip from X-Factor Greece, the judges weren’t the only ones who were impressed by the contestant’s performance.

One young lady decided to put her own spin on the famous Elvis Presley song “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The judges smile as she sings her stunning version which sounds like a lullaby.

She sways to the music and smiles as if imagining what it feels like to fall in love. Her voice and unique sound are so uplifting even the contestants waiting backstage are caught up in the feeling.

Those waiting to perform forget their nerves and dance with each other to their fellow contestant’s ballad. The smiles on their faces grow broader as they remember why they are there.

The competition tests their talent, but this young lady with a voice that would bring Elvis to tears reminds them of their purpose. Their talents are meant to spread joy, just like hers does to them.

This cover is a breath of fresh air. Just close your eyes and let her voice wash over you. You will find yourself smiling and swaying just like the contestants backstage.

X-Factor aims to find the best talent. They may have struck gold with the young Greek woman who knows how to woo her audience with a classic Elvis Presley favorite.

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