Well Very Cute Video Sleepy Puppy Protects Sleepy Toddler

Young parents filmed their child, whose sleep is being guarded by a sleeping puppy with the last of his strength. More than 80 million people have watched the video of the puppy struggling with sleep but guarding its little owner.

The puppy, named Callie, is a cross between a pibul and a Catahoula leopard dog. As the owners admit, Callie is the cutest dog they have ever had.

On the video frames, the puppy is still quite small, like a child, but the dog already feels its responsibility for the little owner.

And, although Callie’s eyes just stick together from fatigue, he tries not to fall asleep and eventually puts his face on the baby’s head, but does not sleep.

This is really a very kind and sweet video, watched by millions of people, and “sleepy puppy Callie” became a Youtube star. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is an American dog breed that is virtually non-existent outside of the United States. Dog breeders call Catahoulas a faithful companion and reliable friend, these dogs easily make contact, but are not intrusive.

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