A man accidentally woke up a bear from hibernation, he could not imagine what the beast would do to him…

When a person thinks about something for a long time, it turns into an obsession or the goal of his whole life. At the same time, he is not afraid of difficulties or trials that will sooner or later stand in his way. This story is about how a person almost became a victim of his own illusions when he found himself in the harsh conditions of the taiga winter. It happened in a village near Ukhta to relatives. At Christmas, a guest from the capital arrived who had not been to these places before. 

We met him as it should be with songs and dances and of course a heated bathhouse. Steaming, the guest told that since early childhood he doted on the work of Jack London and dreamed like his idol to write about the northern latitudes. Over time, the man became known to writers, but he never had free time to feel the romance of winter tags. He only had to dream about it, and then a chance turned up to escape for a week or two to distant relatives. After learning about his long-standing desire, his family decided to arrange a walk through the forest for him. 

The next day, the writer woke up early. He couldn’t wait to breathe in the fresh air as soon as possible – they were still asleep, smelling pleasantly of pine needles and cedar resin, so the man decided to walk along the outskirts of the forest. Alone, somehow dressed, he went to meet his dream at first everything went well, the forest greeted the writer with friendly birdsong and the noise of century-old pines. He walked enjoying the good weather thinking over the plot of the next story in his head. Suddenly the man caught himself thinking that he had gone too far. The clouds in the sky thickened foreshadowing a severe snowstorm. 

The unlucky traveler decided to go back, but the wind came from nowhere and covered his tracks. The writer realized with clear clarity that he was lost. He began to shout at the top of his voice intending to shout over the blizzard. His voice was bass, so it came out quite well. The man calling for the help of loved ones did not notice how the snowdrift behind him suddenly shuddered and through the snow crust. A shaggy head appeared in the light, and then a huge torso. It was a brown bear, which the poor fellow’s loud screams brought out of hibernation. 

The writer turned around and was stunned by the huge bear, looking at him with interest as if waiting. What will follow next from fright and nervous shock, the man began to chatter incessantly retelling his stories and stories to the beast. The bear tilted his head and listened. He seemed to understand everything. The writer continued in the same spirit. The video that the beast looks at him as if spellbound, the man did not remember how long it lasted. At one point, the bear sighed and went in the opposite direction from the writer. At the same time, he turned around as if inviting me to follow him. 

The writer obeyed and followed the bear for about an hour retelling an essay about life in Alaska. Finally, the forest parted and through the snow the man saw the roof of the village houses. The bear brought him to the yard, where the club-footed guest was greeted with furious barking. The owner’s dog would have opened the door and the figure of a hunter with a double-barreled shotgun appeared on the threshold and in his hand, realizing that a shot would follow, the writer can be said to have shielded the bear with his body. The beast did not snap back, turning around and jogging ran towards the forest. 

Only now the capital’s guest was able to catch his breath and realize what had happened. It’s hard to say whether the bear understood human speech, but there was no doubt that he liked it. This is probably the first time in the world when knowledge of literature saved a person’s life. Subsequently, the author wrote a novel about it that became a bestseller about only one thing. He regretted that bears hardly anyone would read it anymore. If you liked this amazing story, write what you think about it well. Put likes and don’t forget to send your stories. We will be happy to read it.

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