Mom has rare, adorable twins with Down syndrome and is sharing the benefits online

The chances of having fraternal twins with Down syndrome is 1 in 14 million. But she hopes her story shows others that a life like this can be fun and full of love.

When someone says “influencer,” there’s a chance that a lot of people will imagine the same thing.
Fit bodies, impeccable fashion sense, pretty and presentable, and maybe a little bit quirky.

A family challenged that perception when their twins won the internet over with their charming personalities.

But unlike those with legions of followers, these two are special.

They are 3-year-old twins who have been raising awareness for Down syndrome.

The twins’ Instagram account has 21,000 followers and over 9,000 followers on Facebook. And we know that this adorable duo is just getting started.

Watch how these two adorable kids with Down syndrome became an inspiration on social media.

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