Goofy Great Danes will do anything for some Costco Chicken

If you have pets at home, there can never be a moment of boredom. People have various pets, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses. After a hectic day at work, spending a few moments with your pet can eliminate all types of tiredness from your body.

The way the pets look at you and their innocent antics can melt anybody’s heart. Recently, two Great Danes caught the attention of online followers. Their father was roasting the Costco Chicken, and the two could hardly hold their horses in getting a piece of the delicacy.

One of the Great Danes, Maddie, placed his face on the kitchen table, waiting for his dad to take out the roasted Costco Chicken and put it on the carving board. At the same time, Ellie, the other Great Dane, waited impatiently on the other side of the table.

Both the dogs loved it when their dad roasted Costco Chicken. The two dogs were on their best behavior to get a piece of the roasted chicken. However, when their dad got the chicken off the microwave plate, Maddie tried bringing her nose close to the food.

However, she was stopped by their dad. Maddie licked her lips in anticipation of getting a piece of the chicken. Instead, their dad cut a few pieces off the chicken and placed them on the plate. The innocent Maddie thought that the little pieces were for her.

Their owner quickly picked up a piece with a fork and held it up for Maddie. She chewed the delicious chicken several times and gulped it down her throat. Next, their dad picked up another piece and held it up for Ellie. Meanwhile, Maddie circled the table and stood next to Ellie in anticipation of another part.

Their kind owner didn’t dishearten Maddie. Instead, he held up another piece for her that she happily enjoyed. He also held up a second piece for Ellie, who stood patiently nearby. Unfortunately, although the two dogs looked expectantly at their owner, they didn’t get another piece to enjoy.

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