100-year-old Galapagos giant tortoise Diego saved his entire species from extinction by producing about 800 offspring

A male tortoise named Diego produced about 800 offspring in his 100-year life, saving his species from extinction, reports The Daily Mail. It is noted that there are almost no Hood Island giant tortoises left in the Galápagos Islands. And humanity would have lost this species forever if not for Diego, who became famous for his love of reproduction.

It was accidentally found in the San Diego Zoo after the Hood Island giant tortoise was recognized as a separate biological species. Then these tortoises were practically gone. But biologists decided to give Diego a chance and set him the task of preserving the species. However, no one expected such a result – Diego not only preserved, but revived his species.

As part of a program to save the Hood Island giant tortoises, 2,000 new individuals were released onto the island, 40% of which are Diego’s children.These are huge numbers for the natural world. Now, Diego lives with his harem of six female turtles at the turtle breeding center and continues to actively produce offspring.

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