A dog that saved its owner’s life appointed South Korea’s first honorary rescue dog

In South Korea, for the first time in the history of the country, a dog named Baekgu received a lifeguard award. He prevented the hypothermia of his 90-year-old owner.

The woman and the dog disappeared on August 25. This was recorded by surveillance cameras near her house. The 90-year-old owner of Baekgu has dementia, so her disappearance has seriously frightened her relatives. The police immediately began searching for the woman, which lasted about 40 hours. She was found in the middle of a rice field 2 kilometers from the house.

The woman got soaked in the rain, which made her clothes heavy, and she could not get up. It was quite cool outside, so Baekgu, who did not leave his owner, saved her from freezing. The woman was hospitalized, and the dog received an award for his loyalty and courage. The owner’s daughter said that Baekgu appeared in their house 3 years ago, when they adopted him as a puppy after being attacked by a larger dog. “Baekgu especially liked my mother, and it’s like he thanked us. I was very worried that my mother disappeared for so many hours in rainy weather. I am grateful to Baekgu. He is our family.” she said.

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