The unofficial mother-heroine who shocked the whole country

When a girl named Alexandra Kinova became pregnant, she had no idea that she would become the unofficial heroine of her area.

She is the first Czech mother who beared five twins at once. And it came as a surprise to many, especially considering how the pregnancy went and what were the expectations.

What is special about quintuplets? In addition to the large number and large belly of the mother, in almost nothing, there are already enough of them in the world that they are no longer a curiosity.

But it’s a completely different matter if all five babies are twins. The chance of such an event is about 1 in 50 million, and only a little more than 10 million live in the Czech Republic. That is the reason for the hype.

When the stomach became too big and questions appeared, Kinova went to the obstetricians and they congratulated – you have triplets! Hm.

It’s not that she and her husband didn’t want children, but they just planned a younger brother or sister for their eldest son.

Okay, let there be triplets. How four? Well, check it out! The matter began to take on the interest of the state, and the best minds of the country took up the case. They made the final diagnosis: quintuplets, twins.

The piquancy of the moment is given by the fact that Kinov’s pregnancy was normal, the conception occurred naturally. If it were artificial insemination or pills, the questions would disappear, there the probability of twins and a large number of embryos is much higher. But this case has become really unique.

The birth of unusual twins became an event for the whole country. The authorities of the hometown of Milovice gave the family an apartment, many people sent them children’s things, money and other gifts. And here is an interview with my mother – in Czech.

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