The gift of a second chance at life for an abandoned chihuahua dog on a dangerous highway

Angel Janes noticed a homeless man sitting by the highway while driving home. In the beginning, she didn’t go deep thinking about that scene. Yet, suddenly she spotted something strange on his lap and after that, she stopped the car to learn more. Soon after, the man turned out to be one of the kindest. This amazing story took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, when Angel Janes coming back home from work noticed a homeless man with a poster, asking for money and work. At this exact moment, she saw something in his lap.

Ron, the homeless man, was about to take a cigarette when Angel noticed in his lap a very small chihuahua cuddled in a blanket. It was obvious and very heartwarming how the man was trying to keep the dog safe and warm.

While talking to the man Angel offered to give the tiny creature a better place to stay. Ron told Angel that he had noticed the dog two hours earlier on the highway when a woman had been on her way to leave her. Without any hesitation, Ron ran over to save the dog.

This small heroic action made Angel feel inspired. Ron explained this by the fear of the dog not becoming homeless like him. Yet, the dog was in safety with Ron that couldn’t last long. Angel help Ron and took the dog to give her a better home to live in. In addition, Angel shared this story on her Facebook page. It didn’t take much and soon after a woman named Kathleen Dallman came up to offer money for the dog to foster her and, despite Ron resisted, so she did. Ron was left in tears.

Fortunately, now the tiny friend has a safe and warm home to live in, living her dream life. After helping the dog, Kathleen also raised a supporting fund for Ron which brought almost 7000 dollars.

They bought a cellphone for him and started to look for a job. Such a motivating story about second chances!

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