The loving look of an adorable newborn baby koala who sees its mother for the first time

The affection and enormous love between a mother and her child is the most beautiful power in the world. Not only the human beings but also the representatives of animal world has gentle feelings to each other, especially attachment and a devotion of a mother to her little babies.

People always admire encountering such a scene of a unique connection between a mother and her child. A touching  footage below shows the loving reaction of a koala mother and her newborn baby after seeing each other for the first time. Koalas, Australia inhabitants, are asocial animals. The only special bond they have, it’s the connection between koala mom and her baby.

The workers of Symbio Wilflife Park could manage to catch on camera the heart melting moment of the first meeting of a koala mom and her little baby. The tiny little joey softly enters in its mom’s pouch. A second later the sweet baby comes back, turns its head up and looks at  its mom’s face for the first time.

Then both of them look gently in each other. This moment is so overwhelming. They look so happy. Koala, a symbol of Australia, is easily recognizable by its  tailless, tiny body and big head with round ears and spoon-shaped black nose. Unfortunately, the number of this beautiful creatures decreased dramatically, making them an extinct species.

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