Dog was sitting on the car and did not let anyone close: the stolen car was returned to the owner with a new friend

A guy’s car was stolen while he was at a party with friends. However, such an unpleasant situation gave him a faithful four-legged friend.

In Brazil, a guy named Vitor Mangino came to a party with friends, during which his car was stolen. “When I arrived at the place where I parked, my car was no longer there,” Mangino recalled.

Vitor filed a report with the police and waited for a call from the officers. Soon he received a call and was told that his car had been found.

“The sergeant said they found my car and then asked if I had lost my dog. I said, “No, just the car.” Then he replied: “There is a dog on the roof of your car. He refuses to go and does not let anyone near him.” For some reason, when I heard this, I got goosebumps,” said Vitor Mangino. The dog was still sitting on the roof of the car when Vitor arrived at the specified address.

The guy admitted that he had never seen this dog before, but it was clear that he was homeless. When Mangino approached the four-legged one, he began to wag his tail happily. He seemed to see the guy as his owner. Vitor could not leave the dog and took it home, giving him the name Heineken.

Although the car was badly damaged by thieves, the guy was not upset. “I lost about a thousand dollars. But I found a new friend. I will make him the happiest dog in the world,” said Vitor Mangino.

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