After months spent on the street all alone, the dog decided to trust strangers and began a new happy life

A lone pit bull named Veyron lived perilously close to a busy Los Angeles highway for several months.

For a long time, his life was in danger, and he could have been hit by a car at any moment. But one day, caring people decided to get him out of trouble. Hope For Paws, a rescue organization based in Los Angeles, has received word of Veyron.

However, rescuing the dog turned out to be a difficult task, because the animal was extremely frightened. Members of the organization feared that if they got too close and too fast, Veyron might take drastic measures, such as running onto the track. Eldad, the founder of Hope For Paws, and the other volunteers were finally able to corner Veyron, but they had to tread carefully.

To the right of it was a mesh fence, and to the left – a descent to the highway. Veyron tried desperately to break free, but in the end, after several months of living alone, he no longer had the strength to run. He hid his face from his saviors, afraid that something terrible would happen.

Then he was stroked for the first time in his life, and his life and attitude towards people changed forever. Pitbull, who had never felt love before, finally allowed Eldad and the team to take him with them. The dog was put in a cage so that he would not be scared again and would not try to run away.

Although getting him to safety proved more difficult than expected, they eventually succeeded. Now Veyron is safe. Since then, he has made friends with both dogs and people, and thanks to Hope For Paws, he is no longer in danger of being alone or losing his home.

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