Lonely Husky finding their gate open rushed to greet and hug his best friend lab living in their neighborhood

Dogs are very friendly creatures. There are so many stories about unique friendship of those lovely souls. But the special relationship, which arose between a Husky and a Labrador, is so incredible. They farmed a friendship without even seeing each other, so called, a bond in distance, or an interspace friendship.

Meet Messy, a yellow sweet lab, who lives with his human Oranit in Thailand. Across the street, just in their neighborhood, lives Audi, an adorable husky, who has to spend most of his time alone, as his human is at his workplace. Audi doesn’t like his loneliness, it makes him anxious and very sad.

Apparently, Messy feels the spiritual state of his friend and rushes to help him any time he suffered from being alone. He barks so loud, as if  to say that he is with him. In this way, the smart and compassionate dog is trying to comfort his best friend. And it worked, as  Audi seems to  calm down.

One day, when Audi’s human went for work, he forgot to close the gate, and  husky ran out from their backyard rushing to visit his friend Messy. It was the first time they meet each other. The moment they meet each other was so touching. Oranit managed to take a fantastic photo of that heartwarming moment and later shared it on Facebook. Two old friends were greeting warmly each other and gave hugs to each other.

Then, Audi ran quickly back home, as he was a responsible dog and couldn’t leave his house and yard for a long time. He was happy to have this opportunity to see eventually his friend and to manage saying to him hi. Dogs always amaze us with their kind, unexpected, caring and lovely actions. Hopefully soon these wonderful dogs will have the opportunity to associate with each other side by side.

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