Baby Takes First Steps And Falls Over With Laughter

Capturing a child’s first steps on video is a parent’s luckiest moment, and it happened for Olivia’s mom one day in 2016. Olivia was caught on tape having a huge belly laugh before toddling over to her mom for the very first time.

Olivia is one of six daughters in the Busby household in Texas. What’s more is that five of them are quintuplets! Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker are all the same age and their older sister Blayke is four years older. Their parents, Adam and Danielle Busby, run a popular blog called It’s A Buzz World and the whole family stars on the TLC reality show, Outdaughtered.

The quintuplets are now young children and are years past their first steps. But back in 2016, when their mom first posted the video of Olivia’s first steps, it became super popular. It’s easy to see why since it’s such a positive clip that is sure to put smiles on faces.

First, we see the little girl enjoying time on a carpet with her friends and family, crawling around on the floor. Her mom, who is off-screen, has a little doll in her hand and is making her daughter smile with it. Olivia giggles and giggles doing what her mom calls her “Santa laugh,” and tries to stand up to get to the doll. When she stands she has her hands on her little round belly and then begins to waddle towards her mom. It’s a precious moment that anybody would love to see.

Watch Olivia and her mom in the video below:

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