Heroic pit bull pulls her owner’s 7-month-old daughter by diaper out of fire and saves her life

A dog named Sasha woke up her owner Nana Chaichanhda and tried to drag a 7-month-old baby to safety on her own, during a fire that started in one of the rooms in a 4-story private property in California.

According to the website GoFundMe, on June 3, at about 10 pm, the pet dog began whining under the door to the bedroom of the owner of the house. After waking up the woman, the pet burst into the room and rushed to the crib, after which she was dragging 7-month-old girl by diaper out of the house fire. Nana Chaichanhda, awakened, realized what was happening and left the burning building with her daughter and her savior.

Firefighters arrived a few minutes later and extinguished the 4-storey building. “Thanks to Sasha, we were able to leave the burning house and call rescuers. I owe Sasha my life and the life of my daughter. She saved all of us. She is our hero,” said Nana Chaichanhda. As a result of the fire, thanks to the act of the dog, no one was injured. The 4-storey apartment of an American woman and the nearby building, where her relatives lived, were seriously damaged.

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