Gifted Dancer Pulls Clever Move After His Glasses Fall Off

If you wear glasses, you’ll know that certain activities can cause them to fall off your face, especially if they’re not fitted correctly. One of the easiest ways to have your spectacles fling off is to get into an energetic dance routine as this gentleman did.

Sam West is a gifted dancer who loves to grace the stage with his dance partner, Leslie Jennings. The two were in a dance competition and excited to show off their sweet moves to the audience and judges.

The last place Sam would want his glasses to fall off would be on stage. If you don’t wear glasses yourself, you may not know that it can alter your surroundings dramatically if you take them off.

After they fell to the floor during a Shag dance routine, Sam used a quick moment of footwork to shove his glasses to the side. He did it so effortlessly that you might have to watch it a few times.

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