In Nagaland, the elusive clouded panther, which is not often seen by people, was captured on camera

On the border between India and Myanmar, it was managed to capture on camera an amazing animal that does not often catch the eye of people. The elusive clouded panther, listed in the Red Book, has proven to scientists that these animals can live in nearby regions.

A group of researchers recorded on camera an incredible clouded panther walking along the mountains. A wild cat was spotted as it moved through a public forest in the Nagaland mountains. The animal was seen at an altitude of 3700 meters – probably one of the highest recorded points where panthers have been seen. Clouded Panthers inhabit the dense forests of the foothills of the Himalayas in the region of Southeast Asia and southern China. These are medium-sized feral cats that are classified as Vulnerable in the Red Data Book. Usually, animals move in trees, which is why it is so difficult for people to see them.

Wildlife Conservation Society of India researchers have documented a clouded panther in the forest of Thanamir village in the east of Nagaland. The team has deployed over 50 camera traps in the area. The first photo documentation took place in 2020 and the second in September 2021. “We have evidence of at least 2 adults and 2 cubs. Individual specimens were captured with a camera positioned over a line of trees at an altitude of 3,700 meters at the top of Mount Saramati. Another animal was filmed at an altitude of 3436 meters,” – said the team of scientists in a press release. All the data that scientists have collected will help local authorities formulate further options for the preservation of these forests and their inhabitants.

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