Dad has creative way to calm his deaf and blind baby

“Ok, so this is Gideon mad.” On-screen, we can see a baby who’s clearly not in the best of moods. Squirming and visibly upset, he whines quietly as his father holds him up.

Daddy leans in, and we think he’s just going to give the child a kiss on the cheek. However, he doesn’t give him a kiss: he gives him a raspberry instead!

Instantly, we can see Gideon’s face go from a scrunched-up scowl to a sudden look of confusion. He seems unsure at first but quickly brightens up, with a look of wonder on his face.

Of course, his dad’s lung can’t hold unlimited air, so the raspberry comes to an end. Gideon doesn’t take well to this, instantly going back to being upset, but then Dad gives him another raspberry, and he’s fine again.

This process repeats a few times, and you have to give the dad credit: it takes a lot of lung power to keep Gideon happy! Initially, this video was uploaded back in 2015.

As the description explains, Gideon has grown much older since then and, thankfully, cries much less these days. Still, we’d imagine that Dad has to spend a lot of time giving him raspberries (since most children get cranky regardless).

This short video is cute and highlights the love these parents share for their son. Their Youtube channel is still active, so if you want to see what Gideon’s been up to lately, you can check them out on the ” Life with a Happy Heart” channel.

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