Homeless pregnant woman asks California cop to adopt her baby girl

Many police officers go beyond normal boundaries to serve others in the community. However, one police officer, Jesse Whitten, from Santa Rosa, California, did something beautiful and took the whole thing to a new level.

Jesse had been a police officer for around ten years and had many years of work under his belt. He befriended a pregnant, homeless woman with drug addiction during this time.

Many times, the officer would find her shelter. One day, while his wife Ashley was riding in the car with him, the couple met the homeless pregnant woman again. When Ashley met her, the woman put Ashley’s hand on her belly.

The officer’s wife was unaware that a year later, she’d be the mother to the child. Jesse & Ashley had 3 daughters who were all under 8 years old. However, the couple soon got a surprise request from the homeless woman.

She had asked them to adopt her baby girl. The couple immediately agreed to the request even though they were concerned about the baby’s health. The new parents were happy to bring the baby home and were proud of her.

They said that the baby had the sweetest disposition and was also observant. The little one kept Ashley engaged in activities and made everyone very happy. On the day of the adoption, all her three sisters, Reese-7, Kendall-5, & Stella-3, unanimously agreed to adopt their new sister. They did so in front of a judge.

Baby Harlow Maisey was now known as Whitten. Harlow was the name given by her biological mother, so the new parents kept it to honor their baby’s real mother. The family was still in contact with the real mom and even shared pictures of the baby with her. In addition, the family would always advocate for foster children.

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