Ash Ruder Has The Whole Room In Tears As She Performs An Original Song For Her Dad On ‘American Idol’

Singer-songwriter Ash Ruder draws inspiration from her father Bryan when she was a little girl. His piano playing was his first introduction to the world of musical creativity.

Ash Ruder and her dad have been through some difficult times together, but that doesn’t stop Ash from gushing over him being a “source of inspiration” for her music. After the judges find out that Ash is about to audition with an original song she wrote about her dad, one that he’s never heard before, they invite him to come in and listen. A beautiful moment is shared between Ash and her father,

But while he’s her inspiration now, it hasn’t always been like that. Ash explained that his father struggled with addictions throughout his young life and was rarely present. “By the time I was growing up, I was super mad at my dad,” Ash continued, “but, the rare times my dad showed up. It meant the world to me.”

Bryan has successfully overcome his addiction and accompanies Ash to the American Idol auditions. Ash was quick to point out that it was her father’s birthday, and when the judges found out that the song she was going to perform was written by her about her father, they decided to invite

Not A Dry Eye In Sight! Ash Ruder Performs An Original Song For Her Dad – American Idol

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