BGT Winner Calum Scott Performs ‘You Are The Reason’ With MerseyGirls – Inspirational Videos

After winning Britain’s Got Talent five years ago, superstar musician Calum Scott returned to the stage to perform “You Are The Reason” along with BGT’s previous contestants, the MerseyGirls dance team.

In one of the most dazzling musical performances in BGT history, two previous contestants, Calum Scott and the MerseyGirls, shared an incredibly festive scene for Britain’s Got Talent Christmas special.

And if I could turn back the clock
I’d make sure the light defeated the dark
I’d spend every hour, of every day keeping you safe

Asked about the story behind the song, Calum said, “You Are the Reason” started out as a song about something completely different than it is now. It was originally written from a fragile place of anxiety and without knowing the cause. , then the song started to become “Without A Reason”. But as we wrote, we realized how hard every relationship has, but you stick with it because the love you fundamentally feel for the other person trumps everything else. “

This song and its meaning reminds us that we may not always be able to handle every situation, but the love and support of others can give us the reason we need to overcome everything.

One of the finest pop voices to grace the BGT stage returns for a triumphant performance with moving choreography from the MerseyGirls

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