WATCH – Poupie sings Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way” in “The Voice” KO Event

PREVIEW – Jenifer’s team candidate, the explosive Poupie will perform “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga, an extract from the soundtrack of “A Star is Born”, during the KO test of “The Voice 8 “. LCI met the young woman and invites you to discover her performance in preview.

She is one of the most puzzling contestants of season 8 of “The Voice”. During the blind auditions, the 20-year-old Lyonnaise Poupie caused a sensation by performing “Me, Myself & I”, the duet of American rapper G-Eazy with pop singer Bebe Rexha. That evening, the four coaches turned around for his explosive performance. And the young woman had decided to join Jenifer’s team.

Now it’s time for the knockout test, an innovation from the ITV Studios France teams that will spice up the rest of the competition. From Saturday, each of the coaches will see his 18 talents in turn and will have three possibilities: to qualify for the battles. Eliminate it permanently. Or send it to the red zone, forced to wait until the end of the show. Only 6 will remain in the adventure, each coach being able to steal two talents from their opponents just before the red zone.

What fate will Jenifer reserve for Poupie? LCI invites you to discover in preview the performance of the young woman on “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga, one of the flagship titles of the soundtrack of the film “A star is born”. If Poupie’s energy had wowed during her blind hearing, this time it was her sober intensity that was impressive. Will Jenifer be as sensitive to it as we are? Suspense …

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