Lidiya Ganeva performed the song – Driving license | Blind audition | The Voice of Bulgaria 2021,and choose to continue on Dara’s team.

Mesmerized girl walks onto the stage Despite her mother’s worries, she performed perfectly at the audition, Lydia touched the hearts of the coaches with her soft voice and song.” Driver’s license” and choose to continue

Charm and charisma plus incredible vocal mastery at an extremely fragile age. Even before she spoke, Lydia was playing musical phrases that were absolutely right from the first listen. It can be explained because both parents are devoted to the arts. Her mother – Nevyana, is a professional singer with many years of experience in the choir of the Concerto “Trakia” and “The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices”. Her father, Ivo, was a dancer in the Trakia Orchestra

Competitions began, at which Lydia showed herself more and more successfully. The first places and the gold medals are not too late. The recognition of both the audience and the jury from the last stage in the vote to represent Bulgaria in the “Junior Eurovision”

Although there has been a lot of backstage performance, Lydia admits that to this day, every stage appearance is a challenge she faces.

“I feel nervous when I go on the big stage. I was so nervous and I even had a ritual. Before going on stage, I told myself that I would manage. But when I get on stage, the anxiety goes away and I start singing,” Lydia admitted.

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