An Iowa family’s dog sprang into action to save her owners from carbon monoxide poisoning

If not for the dog, the owners could have died due to mortal danger. However, the furry hero managed to warn her family. The owner Brad Harbert woke up because his dog Roxy was behaving strangely. The pet ran around the room and jumped onto the man’s bed, and then returned to the ground again – and so on in a circle. For Roxy, this was the only way to wake up the owner. The dog was not very good at barking, and her sounds were more like a low whine. Brad did not understand the dog’s behavior, and then he heard a slight squeak.

While the man figured out what that sound was, Roxy rushed into the room of the owner’s son. The furry one had the goal of waking up the boy as well. It turned out that the carbon monoxide alarm went off, which means there was a leak somewhere. The family, taking the essentials, instantly left the house.

Important! Carbon monoxide through the lungs quickly enters the blood cells and replaces the oxygen contained in red blood cells. As a result, oxygen starvation (hypoxia) occurs in the body. Since the respiratory system and eyes do not sense the presence of carbon monoxide, the poisoning goes completely unnoticed. On-call specialists confirmed the carbon monoxide leak. Now Brad thanks Roxy and remembers how the dog tried to take them out of the house.

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