Dogs wearing Christmas pajamas brought a lot of joy to children that had to spend Christmas in an hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital prepared an original surprise for the children who had to celebrate Christmas at the hospital.

They were suddenly visited by 4 golden retrievers in holiday pajamas. The Texas Children’s Hospital has decided to please its youngest patients.

The furry guests visited the institution unexpectedly, which made the kids very happy. Dogs of the Golden Retriever breed are kind giants who adore both children and adults. That is why 4 therapist dogs Elsa, Pinto, Pluto and Bailey visit those who are so lacking in attention.

To create a festive atmosphere, both the dogs and the owners wore matching pajamas in black and red checks. The children not only looked at the animals, but were also able to pet and hug the retrievers. The visit of the dogs brought a lot of joy to the children. Parents say that their kids were delighted and could not hide their smiles.

4 amazing dogs are members of the Pawsitive Play program. Its goal is to improve the emotional well-being of patients in hospitals. Therapy dogs support those who may have problems with a hospital stay, a new diagnosis, or a certain medical procedure, – say at the Texas Hospital.

The program has been running since 2016. Dogs have been taught for a long time and they all work hard full time in different hospitals.

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