Cat saves the owner from a highly venomous snake, the reptile climbed through the open door and hid in the shopping bags

Ricky Owens returned home from the store and put all the groceries next to the refrigerator. After that, he left the door of the house open and went out.

When the man returned, he noticed that his cat, Gordon, viciously walked around the chair. At the same time, he hissed, released claws at him and jumped back. Ricky did not understand what was happening with the four-legged, but again left the house.

When he returned, he saw that the cat was already hissing at the bag of groceries. Ricky picked up the shopping bags and found that a tiger snake was a few steps away from him and the four-legged one. It is one of the most venomous and dangerous snakes in Australia – a meeting with it can end in tears. The snake immediately ran under the refrigerator, and Ricky had to risk it to get it.

“I saw only a few inches of the snake’s belly sticking out from under the refrigerator. I didn’t know where its head is, and where its tail,” Ricky said. The man was able to grab it by the tail, and then he threw the snake over the fence in the backyard. After this incident, Ricky noted that he would be serious about the actions of his cat, and would also close the door.

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