Before ‘One Direction’ Niall Horan auditioned for ‘X Factor’ at 16

Niall Horan was a member of one of the biggest boy bands in history, ‘One Direction.’ Now you can see Niall in his first ‘The X Factor’ audition with the extended cut. Before he became a megastar, he appeared on the show.

Niall walks on stage, and the judges ask why he is there, and he responds, “I’m here to be the best artist I can be.” Niall says he’s 16 and he’s from Mullingar, Ireland.

The judges ask, “And Niall, what makes you different from everybody else? Why do you think you’ve got the X-Factor” Niall says he is ready to sell out shows and albums and become as big as the judges one day.

The judges ask what artist he thinks he could be as big as. Niall responds, “I’m gonna try Justin Bieber.” They ask if he’s nervous, and he says, “Absolutely not!” Katy Perry asks, “Is this to make you really popular at school?” Niall responds, “I suppose Kate, yeah.” She laughs at his confidence, and he says he will sing “You got it bad” by Usher.

He has a very raw voice, and the song does not suit him well, and you can tell what the judges think through their expressions. The crowd loves him though, and they clap along until Simon waves him off and stops the music.

Katy says he just needs to practice, and she encourages him. He sings a few other sample-size songs. In the end, Simon says, “I think you came unprepared. I think you came with the wrong song. You’re not as good as you thought you were. But I still like you.”

Shockingly, Niall gets two ‘Yes’ votes from the guys, and Katy is left to make the final decision, and she says, “Yes.” He jumps up and yells in victory, and the rest is history.

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