‘Voice Kids’ sensation moves hearts with Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers”

‘The Voice Kids 2023’ presented a young singer named Hans. He stands on an empty pink stage, and he sings one line, and the crowd claps for him immediately. It was a great start to the blind audition, but the judges didn’t turn their chairs right away.

Hans wears a plain hoodie, but his voice is rich and soft. He is very timid, and he stands still, but he delivers. The judges stay turned away from him, but eventually, on the song’s chorus, one judge turns with a smile. Then two more judges turn during the chorus.

Hans sings the hit song by Ed Sheeran ‘Supermarket Flowers.’ The emotional song is accompanied by a piano. The tune appeared on Sheeran’s third album from 2017, ‘Divide.’

Han smiles when he sees the judges. They show his family watching backstage, and they cry as they see his fantastic performance. After the song, Hans is choked up with tears rolling down his face.

A stagehand brings out a comically giant tissue box for everyone who is emotional. The family smiles, and so does Hans. Music is almost always on at Hans’ home, and his whole family sings.

Once the judges spin their chairs, they see how moved Hans is by their affirmation. Then, they have some fun with Hans, and the audience laughs along, knowing Hans is advancing in the competition.

‘The Voice Kids’ always finds incredible talent in the most unlikely kids. The judges waited a bit to turn their chairs for Hans, but they knew they had a winner from the audience’s first reaction.

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