Baby girl shares a walk and ice cream with giant Husky

Emma-Leigh Matthews and her husband Shane had three lovely Malamutes named Phil, Niko, and Teddy Bear. They also had a Maine Coon cat named Milo. In addition, the couple had a beautiful daughter named Amelia (nickname Mia).

The couple recently went on an extra walk with Mia as they had gone out on a bike ride. Unfortunately, Phil was a senior dog and couldn’t run like before. At the same time, Niko did not have the fitness to run faster than Teddy.

Hence, the couple took Teddy through his paces on a bike ride with his family instead. Emma, Shane, Amelia, and Teddy spent a wonderful time resting in the park, enjoying an ice cream cone.

As soon as Amelia saw the ice cream cone, she was very excited. When Emma asked if she wanted an ice cream cup or cone, the little one quickly decided to get an ice cream cone.

Amelia took the ice cream and was happy to get the rainbow-flavored one. While enjoying the cone, Shaun interrupted her and asked her not to eat it but rather to lick the ice cream. However, Teddy waited for his turn to enjoy the delicious ice cream cone.

The poor thing had an eye for the ice cream but gently waited for his turn. After a while, Shaun gave Teddy the delicious ice cream cone, which he instantly started to lick. Anyone could tell he loved the dessert.

Even Mia wanted to help Teddy enjoy his ice cream. However, the little girl could not hold the temptation and lick on Teddy’s ice cream. However, after that, her parents asked Mia to eat the cone from the bottom while Teddy ate the ice cream. Shaun wanted to find out who would eat the cone first, to which Amelia said “I will” and ran away while she ate the cone leaving Teddy asking for his ice cream.

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