After recovering a $4,000 engagement ring that he discovered, a homeless man’s life underwent a significant transformation.

As a consequence of one act of kindness, Billy Ray, a former street person in Kansas City who begged for money from passersby, saw a major improvement in his quality of life.

Sarah Darling, who was walking by at the time, put some money in a cup that a 55-year-old man was holding, but she slipped and spilt it, losing her wedding band in the process.

Harris thought about selling the ring to gain some extra money, but he ultimately chose to return it to the woman a few days later. For the ring, he received a $4000 appraisal.

Regarding this act of generosity, the guy said, “I’m not trying to pretend to be a saint, but I’m not the devil either.”

Darling Krejci and her husband Bill Krejci organized a fundraiser for Harris as a way to express their gratitude for his services. The fundraiser’s objective was to assist Harris in regaining his financial footing.

We planned the event after learning from numerous people who had been impacted by the tale and expressed a wish to help Billy Ray, Darling said. “Our target was to raise $1,000,” Darling added.

The fundraising campaign received a tremendous amount of support and earned more than $190,000 in just under three months.

When Harris first gained money, he immediately sought legal assistance, who helped him put the money in a trust.

Since then, the main character has been able to buy a car and even make a down payment on a house.

Furthermore, after seeing him on television, his family members who had been looking for him for 16 years and thought he had died, were able to find him.

After their happy reunion, Harris is now forming relationships with them, including his friendship with nieces and nephews, whose existence he was completely ignorant of.
When he thought back on it, he said: “I’m simply grateful that the past is behind me. I mean, I finally feel like a human being.

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