This couple got married 11 years ago and here is how their family looks now…

Perhaps, a portion of online users may still remember the extraordinary wedding photos of this particular couple.

Eleven years ago, Irina and Alexander opted for a unique approach in their choice of attire for their wedding photography session.

To the surprise of many, their unconventional images garnered widespread curiosity from internet users across the globe.

Swiftly, the online community began circulating their intriguing story.

Despite initial assumptions that their marriage would be short-lived following such an unconventional wedding, the couple not only stayed together but also welcomed children, much to the unexpected delight of onlookers.

Their distinctive appearance managed to both astonish and amuse people, with their period-appropriate costumes exuding a medieval ambiance. It almost seemed as if they were partaking in scenes from a fantasy film, akin to the «Dracula» series, an event reserved exclusively for emos and goths.

However, their primary intention was simply to stand out on their special day.

Beyond their unique wedding aesthetic, their profound care for each other has allowed their family to endure for a remarkable 11 years.

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