The hаll sobbed from her performаnce аnd the judges pressed the buttons in hysterics. Such tаlent hаs not been seen for а long time.

Numerous children with exceptional talents never fail to astound us, and today, allow 13-year-old Laura to captivate your admiration. With an incredible voice and remarkable musical abilities, she graced the stage, accompanied by her family and friends who clutched flowers and welled up with tears. Together with Laura, they shared a mixture of nervousness and pride.

Laura, a participant in the children’s edition of «The Voice,» chose to perform Whitney Houston’s iconic hit, «I Will Always Love You.» This emotionally charged and mature song might seem unconventional for a young girl, but Laura effortlessly demonstrated that age was no barrier. Her rendition has already amassed an astonishing 220,000,000 views, setting an absolute record for the show’s official YouTube channel.

The jury, unable to conceal their admiration, recognized her talent within the first few seconds of the performance. In a symbolic gesture, one of the jury members invited her to occupy their chair, acknowledging that she, with her unique abilities, stood on equal ground with the esteemed panel.

Witness the mesmerizing performance: Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You (Laura) | The Voice Kids 2013.

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