Golden Retriever saving the poor stray kitten’s life brought her from the dangerous street to his home and took care of her

Golden kind Retriever heroically jumped and saved the life of a little, frightened kitten. He brought the tiny creature to her home, saving her from the dangerous street life. From that day on, they become close and inseparable friends.

During the trip outside their city with his beloved owner, the Golden Retriever astonished him when he appeared suddenly from nowhere carrying a white little kitten in his mouth. The dog were next to the saved kitten all the time and didn’t leave her, not even a second. He seemed to become her guardian.

Inspired by the kind and praiseworthy gesture of his dog, the owner decided to take the poor kitten with, of course, after seeking around for  the hungry kitten’s mom. But the dog’s owner didn’t find anyone in that surroundings, apparently, the little kitten was lost.

After arriving home, he washed the adorable kitten and fed her. But the kind man didn’t know how to act: to leave her at his place or  to take her to a local shelter. After all, the human decided to “adopt” the lost kitten and take care of her, especially, when he noticed the kind  and compassionate treatment of his dog to that beautiful creature.

After a short time, the Golden Retriever and white kitten become good friends. Wherever the kitten went, the dog followed her. They eat from the same plate,  slept side by side,  even took bath together and, of course, played all the time at home or at backyard. This touching story just melts everyone’s heart. Please, watch the below video and follow some interesting moments of this cute duo!

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