Young stray dog who thought one of her puppies is stolen from her was crying from pain 

A stray dog, a black pit bull, gave birth helpless and alone on the street. She was noticed by Stephanie when she was crossing the street, keeping one of her puppies on her mouth.

Poor dog, apparently, wanted someone to help her, but didn’t know how to do it. Stephanie called quickly the rescuers and explained to them the situation. The team drove to the pace where the mother dog was hidden. It was next to Stephanie’s house.

The team found the stray dog and her puppies under a bush against the wall. She curled around her newborn puppies, showing the rescuers her back. The young mother was frightened and seemed like she didn’t trust the people who really wanted to help her. She growled each time someone tried to approach. The good mother was ready to do everything to protect her babies. The rescuers worked very careful, and soon they could manage to get the dog into leash. They kept talking lovely to her during transferring the whole family into crates.

They drove to the local veterinarian and leave the young mother and her 6 puppies there. It was a safe, clean place where they were under protection  and care of kind people. The team workers promised kindhearted Stephanie to keep in touch with her. The young mother seemed to be still scared. She stopped being hostile, as soon as the rescuers gave her a warm and comfortable towel where she could sleep with her puppies. Now her reaction was changed, as she understood that those people wanted only to help her. She become calm and friendly.

The rescuers named the young mother Jade, and her puppies names were after precious stones: Ruby, Diamond, Topaz, Emerald, Amber and Amethyst. During the night, young mother was not quiet, something worried her. The next morning, Stephanie called the rescuers to let them know that she gave one of the puppies to her neighbor. This poor baby dog  was crying all the time as she was separated from her family. It was a mistake, and the puppy was given back. This one was named Turquoise. Now, the whole family was together. They should be there 8 weeks, after that they can be ready for adoption. The young mother and her 7 babies were  happy, safe and healthy, due to the kind efforts of good people.
Please, watch the below video to see how the rescuers helped the stray dog!

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