Meet these beauties of the wild nature four adorable ligers cubs of white lion and white tiger

Ligers, who are the cubs of a lion and a tiger, set a record in the animal world. The first four ligers were born from a white beautiful tiger and a white majestic lion.

Sampson, Yeti, Apollo and Odlin are very cute white ligers, who seem like big kittens. When they grow, they will be the biggest cats in the entire Earth. There are about 1200 white color tigers and more than 300 white color lions on the Planet.

Actually, they are not albinos: the rare white color is a cause of color mutation. Parents of these amazing cubs are Saraswati and Ivory. The family lives at the T.I.G.E.R. Sanctuary, which is located in Myrtle Beach. Ligers have been bred here before. Hercules, who is one of their ligers, is considered to be the biggest tiger in the world. He weights about 922 pounds, but despite his huge size, he is a sweet cat who likes playing with his newborn nephews and his kind handlers.

The creator of the four beautiful cubs,  Dr. Antle, is amazed by the quick grow of the unique ligers. Each day, when  he sees them, they seemed doubled in their sizes: each day gaining a pound of weight, it’s already something. Yeti is not only the biggest cat of the four cubs, but he is the most furious linger, who wants always to be in the center of everyone’s attention.

Probably, when he grows up, he will be bigger than Hercules, his uncle. It is obvious that these wonderful creatures  are not only the beauty but  the precious animals in the Sanctuary. Watch, please, the below video about these unique ligers!

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