Thankful mother elephant decided to introduce her baby to the kind caretakers who rescued her life 

The ability of gratitude among animals is so amazing. This mother elephant found a way to express her gratitude to the people, who not only saved her life, but gave her their care, love and affection. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust sanctuary takes care of orphaned elephants, raising them until they become ready to be released to the wild. Yatta was brought to the sanctuary in 1999 and after 10 years, she returned to the wild.

After eight years, Yatta decided to visit the people, who were a family for her. She wanted to say that she hasn’t forgotten the people, who were so kind to her. And she was not alone. Yatta surprised the carers at the sanctuary, bringing her little baby to show her newborn to her caretakers. This touching moment was caught on camera.

This heartwarming moment melted everyone’s hearts at the center. They named the little creature Yoyo. Yatta has once already shown her first baby Yetu to the staff. It seemed she wanted to show her trust and affection, bringing her newborn to the place, where she received love and care. For the elephants family means absolutely everything. Returning to the wild, Yatt a farmed her own family, that’s why it was not a big surprise for the staff to see the mama elephant showing her new family member to the former human family.

She would never forget those wonderful ten years, when she was surrounded by love and comfort at the center. It’s very common for elephants to return to the places where they have been happy.

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