With an astounding 68 million views, the young girl’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Her rendition was so breathtaking that it moved the judges to kneel before her in awe of her talent.

Stepping onto «The Voice» stage with the poise of a seasoned star, 7-year-old Chelsea defied all expectations. Choosing Alicia Keys’ powerhouse anthem «Girl On Fire,» Chelsea delivered a rendition that not only mesmerized the audience but also caught the attention of the judges. Despite initial hesitations, Chelsea’s undeniable talent shone through, prompting two out of three judges to press their red buttons, signaling their eagerness to mentor her and propel her forward in the competition.

As the final notes of her performance echoed, the judges, visibly moved by Chelsea’s prowess, couldn’t help but kneel before her in awe. Their genuine admiration for her exceptional talent was palpable, and Chelsea basked in the moment, knowing she had made an indelible mark on the stage.

With a staggering 68 million views and counting, Chelsea’s performance continues to captivate audiences worldwide, cementing her status as an extraordinary talent with a promising future ahead.

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