Actress and model Cybill Shepherd is now 72 years old and here is what she looks like!

Cybill Shepherd emerged as a true love icon during the late 1980s, captivating audiences with her charm and talent.

Following her co-starring role alongside Bruce Willis in the hit television series «Moonlight Detective Agency,» Shepherd soared to unprecedented fame. Fans were enamored by the on-screen chemistry between the two actors, leading many to speculate about a potential off-screen romance. However, any hopes of a lasting relationship were dashed as Shepherd and Willis opted for a brief fling instead.

Initially, their connection seemed promising, but the immense spotlight on Bruce Willis proved to be a complicating factor, leading to the eventual demise of their romance.

In a recent revelation, 72-year-old Cybill Shepherd expressed warm sentiments towards Willis, acknowledging him as «a beautiful man.» Despite their past, Shepherd maintains that she harbors no regrets about the end of their relationship over three decades ago.

Fans of the iconic couple were taken aback by Shepherd’s candid remarks, eagerly anticipating a reunion that may never come, considering Willis’ longstanding marriage and health concerns.

While Shepherd may not grace public events as frequently as before, her rare appearances never fail to make waves. Recently, her unexpected presence at the Hollywood Reporter luncheon caused quite a stir.

Dressed in a striking red jacket paired with a black turtleneck and slacks, the 72-year-old actress exuded elegance as she danced for the cameras on the red carpet. With her impeccably styled bob haircut and infectious smile, Shepherd’s timeless beauty remains apparent.

Despite the passage of time, online commentators were quick to remark on Shepherd’s enduring allure, praising her youthful complexion and flawless skin. Even after all these years, the Hollywood star continues to leave admirers in awe with her radiant presence.

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