What this tiger cub was doing at night in the village really scared the locals

Often, when we talk about little orphans, we mean children living in orphanages and orphanages. At the same time, we forget that there are more than enough similar examples in the world of our smaller brothers, and in most cases they occur through the fault of a person. In this story, the main character had to face the consequences of human cruelty and, showing mercy, save a small animal life.

It happened near one of the forests of the northern part of Primorye, at a time when this picturesque region was in captivity of cold and snow. And it all started with the fact that a resident of a remote settlement happened to witness very unusual events. The fact was that the man, living in a rather remote area, kept a mongrel dog in the yard. The owner of the house, fed the tailed watchman twice a day, early in the morning and late at night. Usually, the dog had more than enough of the prescribed portion, in which, in addition to cereals, there were pieces of dried meat.

But after the New Year, the man suddenly began to notice that his ward was losing weight before his eyes, and in the morning he was howling for reasons that were not clear. Not understanding this behavior of the dog, the owner took him to the veterinarian, who, in addition to the usual exhaustion, did not find signs of any disease in him. All this seemed very strange to the man, especially considering the volume of the portion left to the dog. And also, to his surprise, he made a very curious discovery. In most cases, the dog was hungry in the morning, which indicated that for some reason, he missed a meal in the evening.

Wanting to figure everything out on his own, the man decided to follow the dog at night. For this purpose, the owner of the dog equipped a hidden observation post in the barn, from which the entire yard was visible as in the palm of his hand. As usual, having allocated a portion of porridge with meat to the pet, the man pretended to return to the house, and instead, he quietly entered the barn. At first, everything looked quite normal. But then, the yard dog suddenly behaved strangely and, with his tail between his legs, began to cling to the door of the house. The agitated man strained his eyes, trying to discern what had so frightened the dog. He had to show remarkable restraint and caution in order not to give away his observation post in any way.

Finally, the man’s patience was rewarded and, in the light of the moon, he saw a mysterious night visitor. At first, the owner of the dog did not even believe his eyes, but when the sight he saw did not disappear, he realized that all this was happening in reality. The fact was that a tiger cub of seven or eight months old came to visit the dog, who, with the air of an owner, went to a bowl with food. Apparently, the striped predator repeated such a trick not for the first time. Although the tiger cub was still small, it was still larger than a domestic dog. Apparently, this explained the fear of a pet that smelled the smell of a predator. Having eaten a bowl of porridge with appetite, the tiger cub went home, disappearing into the darkness of a winter evening.

At first, the man was seized by a fit of anger and, he even grabbed his gun. But then, feeling sorry for the poor fellow, the local resident drove the bad thoughts out of his head. The next morning, the man had already put two bowls of food so that it would be enough for the tiger cub. He fed the striped predator for about a month, and then told the local gamekeeper about it, who, together with caring hunters, caught the poor fellow. As it turned out, the tiger cub’s mother was killed by poachers a few months ago, and he himself was left an orphan.

Subsequently, the striped predator was transferred to the national reserve, where it lives to this day. Of course, as the owner of the yard, a man could act with a night thief quite differently, causing harm to the tiger cub or even killing him. After all, he was still too young to hunt alone. But instead, the man showed compassion to the baby and took care of his future, which proved that there is always a place for kindness and mercy in life. Friends, if you liked this amazing story, please like, subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends.

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