People watched in horror as the monkey climbed onto the power pole, what happened next is simply incredible!

It has long been known that starting a chain of negative events in the past, people do not think about what they can lead them to in the future. But this fact acquires a special meaning that does not color a person only when it comes to innocent animals that, due to their size or age, cannot stand up for themselves. In our story, the main character had to face the consequences of his negative activity, which, only by a happy coincidence, did not lead to the death of the animal.

It happened in the city of Sendai, located in the north of Japan. And it all started with the fact that, in the early morning, the staff of the Yagiama Zoo discovered the disappearance of an adult male chimpanzee. After carefully examining the scene, the workers noticed a hole in the fence through which the primate escaped into the wild. Realizing that at large, the animal poses a danger to the population, police units and specialists in catching wild animals were thrown on his search. To everyone’s surprise, it was not so difficult to find the fugitive, especially since his capture was facilitated by caring residents of the city, who instantly informed search teams about the places where the chimpanzee was spotted.

In most cases, showing friendliness, the primate was the first to make contact with people. By the time the chimpanzee was tracked down, he was repeatedly seen on the playgrounds of the city, next to young children. Zoo staff could not explain what caused the primate’s increased love for children. However, there was no time to think and, having taken the chimpanzee into the ring, animal trapping specialists prepared guns loaded with tranquilizer darts. But, surrounded on all sides, the primate suddenly behaved unpredictably and in the blink of an eye climbed up a pole of a high-voltage power line.

The amazing thing was how the chimpanzee managed to avoid electric shock at the same time. It was impossible to delay, so an emergency lifting tower was called to rescue the animal, in the cabin of which the trapping specialists took refuge. Thanks to the accuracy of the staff, the chimpanzee managed to neutralize, plunging him into a deep sleep. In order for the primate not to suffer when falling from a pole, an awning was stretched at the bottom, used to rescue people from high-rise buildings in case of fire. About this unique special operation, employees of local TV companies immediately shot a video report, which, by the evening, had flown all the news channels of the country.

For zoo staff and spectators, it remained unclear what explained such an increased love of the primate for children. However, it turned out a couple of days later, when a man called the editorial office of one of the TV channels, who, without naming his name, told the real story of a chimpanzee. As it turned out, more than 20 years ago, the man was a photographer working on the Pacific coast paired with a baby chimpanzee. For a small fee, any child could take a picture next to this cute miracle. But as time went on, it became more and more difficult for a man to cope with a chimpanzee growing in front of his eyes every day.

The unfortunate animal was so used to people that it constantly tried to escape from the owner to play with the children. Tired of the endless escapes of the chimpanzee, the man eventually gave him to a nursery, from where the primate got to the Sendai Zoo. Many years have passed since those events, but all this time, the animal dreamed of having a lot of fun with children vacationing on the coast. But the real sensation was the man’s visit to his former pet, who was placed in the zoo’s aviary after escaping.

An elderly man knelt down in front of an animal that he had used for his own purposes for many years and began to cry. Of course, it is difficult now to say who is right and who is to blame for this story. But the very fact that a man turned himself in and, in front of hundreds of television cameras, asked for forgiveness from an animal, deserves respect and gives hope that there is still room for insight and repentance in people’s hearts. Friends, if you liked this touching story, please like it, write your comments and share it with your friends.

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