Teenage girl finds dying of starvation horse on her route and walks with the horse 9 miles back home

This is a very touching story about a brave and kind girl and a horse. Nowadays very seldom people may hear such a courageous act, especially by a teenage girl.

Kelsey from Illinois and her mother were driving on their trailer to their swap place. Fortunately, that day, they took a different road. Suddenly they noticed an animal lying on the grass near the road. They stopped to see what is there.

It was a poor, thin horse, which was dying of starvation. They noticed some marks of whip on the animal’s body. Probably, this poor horse was not useful for work and the owner decided to leave the horse just on the road. Who could do such a terrible thing? Just an inhuman act. There was also another version of this situation: the horse could just escape from her bad handlers for searching food.

However, Kelsey and her mom started to act immediately to help out the weak horse. They tried to get the horse into their trailer, but failed. So, the brave girl found another way to help the horse: just to walk. Though it seemed difficult to fulfill that idea, as they had to walk about 9 miles, anyway, they did it, they walked back to Kelsey’s home. It took four long hours to walk and reach home. Then, the whole family did everything to bring back to life to the poor horse. Fortunately, they managed to save him. The horse slept about five days, which disturbed the whole family. Kelsey spent the whole day in the barn praying for the horse. Thanks to God and her enormous efforts, the horse was saved.

She started to call the horse Sunny. And, indeed, the horse brought a piece of sunshine to her life. Now they are good friends and can not imagine life without each other. They both found love and mutual understanding.

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